Air conditioning season

It’s coming that time of year to start up your air conditioners. Don’t forget – if you covered your unit at the end of last season, you must uncover it before you start it up. Also check the filter in … Continued

Furnace Not Running? Check the Batteries!

  Yes, your HVAC system may actually be operating with the help of batteries. Most programmable thermostats are hard wired to your furnace, which powers the thermostat. These thermostats also use batteries to remember your system settings in case of … Continued

Even The Dr. Knows You Need a Humidifier

Controlling humidity in your home is one of the most important jobs of your home comfort system. The humidity directly impacts how you feel. Do you feel warm or cold? Sweaty or chilled? Humidity in the air surrounding your body has … Continued

Do Not Neglect Your Air Flow

Your forced air system requires air flow to work properly. Duct size and design both contribute to proper air flow and your filter or air cleaner works in conjunction with your system. As the temperatures drop, your furnace will be … Continued

Can You Trust Just One Quote?

Last week I received a phone call from a customer who needed help. They had a 10 year old furnace that needed a new motor. The contractor they had used for the past 8 years had been to their home … Continued

Energy Star Offers Tips for Choosing a Contractor

Are you looking for a heating contractor you can trust? At HAVE we understand the level of trust a homeowner places in a contractor when having service done in their home. An HVAC contractor must have great technicians. Well-trained, professional, … Continued

Reader’s Choice Award – Star Beacon

We are so thrilled to be nominated for a Reader’s Choice Award at the Star Beacon. If you haven’t had a chance yet to submit a ballot, you should click here. It is free to register and vote. Only one vote … Continued

Why Does My Gas Furnace Leak Water?

A furnace should never have water leaking or dripping from it at any point. You may be wondering why a gas furnace would have water coming from it in the first place. Draining Issues If your furnace is a high … Continued

2017 Best of Ashtabula County Awards

HAVE LLC was a recent sponsor of the 2017 Best of Ashtabula County awards hosted by the Growth Partnership for Ashtabula County. The awards dinner, held on September 19th took place at the Spire Institute banquet hall. Our team at … Continued

Do I Really Need a Furnace Maintenance Every Year?

All furnace and air conditioner manufacturers recommend annual maintenance be performed by a qualified technician. They also have language in their warranties saying that damage to the units caused by improper maintenance is not covered under warranty. Does this mean … Continued